Well this one was actually better than expected. The story revolves around Keima Katsuragi who is a self proclaimed “God of Conquest” who plays a lot of Dating Sims (OMG sorta like me) to the point where he would rather be immersed in the 2D world over the 3D one that he lives in, one day soon after his 1000 story-line completed he gets a message from a  challenger about a near impossible girl to conquest and that is where the fun begins. Over all this one was just ok. its mostly generic harem (but not in the good way) sorta. Over all I not fanboying out over this one but I might watch the next season.

Over all:6/10


Concept: 6/10 (They could have done a lot but they didnt)

(NEW) Rewatch Value: 2/10


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