School Days Review (Warning Lite Spoilers)

Well this is my first review so please keep that in mind. to start off over all I didnt really like this one. The whole time I just wanted to Punch Makoto in the face. Like realy man keep it in you pants.any way, this anime gave me a Adrenalin rush for about half of the time and the other half I hated Makoto. I started watching it because it had a relatively large following. well I should have droped this one around episode three. Any time for the rating. I think Ill score over all, art, story, concept.

Over all 4/10
Quilty of sub 8/10 (I say a few spelling errors in the Aniyorshi release)
Story 6/10 ( The last episode killed the story for me)
Art 6/10
Concept 4/10


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